Peyton Manning needs to retire and get it over with

By Randy Inman
Feb. 28, 2016

There are reports out there that Peyton Manning is retiring. The Broncos are denying that a decision has been made. I don't know if Manning is trying to line up a team in 2016, or just wants some more attention but I think he should retire.

Peyton Manning has already went from media darling to somewhat tainted with the talk of his sexual misconduct in college and his HGH allegations. If Manning cares about his legacy much less his health he will retire.

The Peyton Manning saga is starting to play out like Bret Favre did his retirements. I do concede that it must be hard to walk away from playing football. The Broncos won despite Peyton Manning not because of him. If a team signs him for 2016 it will be a team trying to sell tickets and not one in contention for a Super Bowl.