Video Aquib Talib may be suspended for cheap shot on Cory Brown

By Randy Inman
Feb. 10, 2016

Denver Broncos Aqub Talib may be suspended for his dirty hit on Panthers wide receiver Cory Brown in the Super Bowl. Talib admitted that he grabbed Brown by the facemask and slung him to the ground, trying to hurt him.

“It was B.S. flags,” Talib said about a pair of personal fouls called on him in the first half, via  “One was on our sidelines [for taunting] — the guy (Cory Brown) was talking on our sideline. One I just did on purpose, and I just had to show him. It’s probably going to be a fine. But, hey, we’re world champs.”

If the name Aqib Talib is familiar to Carolina Panthers fans, he was the guy Steve Smith told to “Ice up son” after Smith took him to school a few years ago. The NFL is getting tired of players trying to hurt other players and then bragging about it,look for Talib to get suspended or fined heavily or both.