Video Broncos illegally batted ball on Cam's 2nd fumble

By Randy Inman
Feb. 15, 2016

More light is being shed on the hose job done on the Panthers in the Super Bowl by the officials. I cam out of the game thinking that the officials didn't determine the outcome of the game as much as Denver just beat the Panthers, but that is getting harder to say.

It is being pointed out in the media now that on Cam Newton's fourth quarter fumble, Von Miller illegally batted the ball to his teammate. Batting a fumble toward the opposing team's goal line is illegal and Miller should have been flagged.

I thought Cam was going to jump on it, but I guess, I mean, he didn’t want to dive down there on it. I couldn’t fall on it, so I was just trying to, I don’t know, get it to one of our guys,” Miller told Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

Granted the way the Broncos were playing and how badly Cam Newton played in the Super Bowl the outcome of the game may have changed. But we will never know if Newton would have suddenly caught on fire in the 4th quarter as he has been known to do.