Adam Jones Thinks Terrelle Pryor is Trash

By Patrick
Dec. 12, 2016

In today's 23-10 win over the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengal's Adam Jones used no filter when talking about his matchup against rookie receiver Terrelle Pryor.

Per's Katherine Terrell, Jones was throwing mad shade at Pryor in the locker room. Jones went on a rant about the Cleveland Browns and Pryor. Then in the middle of his rant he said, "Hey, you in there (referring to Pryor)?!" he yelled, rattling the trash can as his teammates started laughing. "You in there?!"

Even during his time time with the media after the game, he would not talk about anybody else on the Cleveland Browns, but Pryor.

"We're talking about Pryor, nobody else," he said. ... "Pryor suck."

Jones limited Pryor to just one catch for three yards. The beef between the two originated last season when Pryor told defensive coordinator Paul Guenther that they should have cut Jones for his below average play.

"He pushes off, every route. He's an OK receiver," Jones said, per Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer. "They do feature him a little bit, so he does get more looks than a guy who would be in his situation. He's just a guy to me."

The Browns continue to be without a win this season and are about to tie the 2008 Detroit Lions for the only teams to go 0-16. Perhaps Pryor is not the one to blame for the lack of offensive action by the Browns? They have had all kinds of issues with poor draft choices, injuries, and no elite quarterback. He has managed to get 858 receiving yards through week 14. Imagine what he could do on a better team.