Ben Simmons Says Some Harsh Words Towards the NCAA In New Documentary

By Patrick
Nov. 02, 2016

Ben Simmons has been working on a new documentary that will air Friday called One & Done. The documentary highlights his life in Australia and elaborates on his one year college basketball career. Simmons expresses his feelings about preparing for the NBA draft and gives his opinion on the NCAA.

"The NCAA is really f--ked up," Simmons said, per's Myron Medcalf. "Everybody's making money except the players. We're the ones waking up early as hell to be the best teams and do everything they want us to do and then the players get nothing. They say education, but if I'm there for a year, I can't get much education."

It comes as no surprise that Simmons didn't enjoy college because he was not eligible to win the Wooden Award when his GPA fell below 2.0.

"You don't go to some classes. You miss some classes, and you're going to get punished," Simmons told Guilbeau. "That's how they handle it. I learned from it. I go to class now."

He worked to get his  grades back up to B's and C's, but then decided not to attend classes again. "... I'm here to play; I'm not here to go to school," said Simmons.

While he didn't go to classes, Simmons mentioned in the documentary that he was offered a bunch of items such as a car, jewelry, and a house.

It will be hard for the NCAA to come to an agreement on whether or not it is ok to pay players, but Simmons has exposed the system.