Check Out the Four NFL Games That Will be Played in London 2017

By Patrick
Dec. 13, 2016

The NFL just recently announced that there will be four NFL games played in London in 2017. One up from this seasons three games. They will all be played some time after September 20th all the way through the end of October. The dates are still being finalized.

The first matchup will be between Ravens (away) and Jaguars (home). Second matchup will be between Saints (away) and Dolphins (home). Third matchup will be between Vikings (away) and Browns (home).  The last London matchup will be between Cardinals (away) and Rams (home).

Per, "We continue to be incredibly excited by the passion and love for the NFL shown by our millions of UK fans. London is an amazing city. We have had tremendous support from our fans, from Mayor (Sadiq) Khan and other government leaders and business partners, and we are looking forward to taking the next step in the UK by playing four games in London next season," said Roger Goodell.

The NFL has traveled to London for three games the past three seasons and has appeared there since 2007. The viewership has increased over seas which is a good motive to add the forth game.