Colin Kaepernick Could Likely be a Free Agent in 2017

By Patrick
Dec. 04, 2016

Things are not working out so well between quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. Could he be on the verge of becoming a free agent next season? 

Kapernick has been on and off the bench and has not had a completion rate above 65% this season. He got multiple death threats and boos from fans for kneeling during anthems. Several players around the league threatened him if they were on the same team. It was all a heated debate that messed with his game. The 49ers are without a win when Kaepernick is under center. 

However it is worth noting that the problem is the 49ers would be hurting to keep Kaepernick on the bench considering backup Blaine Gabbert has not performed any better. He was 4-10 for 35 yards when he took Kaepernick's place in today's loss to Chicago (26-6). The team may just want to move on and pick up new quarterbacks in the next draft.

Today he had just four passing yards and got sacked five times.

Per source, Kaepernick will opt out of his staying with the 49ers next season and will become a free agent. He decided to restructure his contract by taking off four years and add a player option for 2017. His original contract offered too many money guarantees.

There will be more information to come.