Jeff Fisher Fired by the Los Angeles Rams

By Patrick
Dec. 12, 2016

Jeff Fishers will no longer be hurting the Los Angeles Rams record. He was fired today after nearly five seasons. He was expecting to be there longer after the team was working out an extension deal with him. Over the course of his time with the Rams he has never had a winning season. His win percentage was .409 (29th) and his PPG averaged 18.8 (30th). The zero winning seasons he had is tied for last in the NFL.

Special teams coordinator John Fassel will fill in temporarily. After working for the Tennessee Titans for nearly 17 years Fisher transitioned over to the Rams carrying a 31-45-1 overall record during his time as head coach. Several of his seasons serving as head coach for the Rams the team was sitting right in the middle (7-9 and 7-8-1). He has never been above .500.

The defense has been crafted with many talented players, but Fisher was never able to get a reliable offense going. There have been seven quarterbacks playing for the Rams since Fisher joined the team. Bradford was an alright quarterback having his stellar moments, but struggled with injuries and a lack of reliable receiving weapons. Austin Davis, Kellen Clemens and Shaun Hill all served as subs. Nick Foles never really worked out.

The Rams now have the first overall pick of 2016, but refused to start him until week 11. Hopefully with new coaching staff he can better perform next season. Hopefully draft some more realiable offensive weapons and better offensive lineman.

Twitter has had a field day with this news. Some of it is humorous: