Ron Rivera is Looking at Chiefs for Playoff Motivation

By Patrick
Oct. 18, 2016

The Panthers have hit rock bottom six games into the 2016 season and there chances of making the playoffs have shrunk below 6%. While any chance of the Panthers making the playoffs is nothing short of a miracle, they are only three wins behind the current NFC leader  (Atlanta Falcons) with a record of 4-2. The Panthers record does need to be compared to other records around the NFL right now. The focus is getting ahead of the Falcons.

The Panthers are heading into the bye week scratching their heads trying to come out in two weeks with some motivation and maybe some new players. Head coach Ron Rivera is looking at the Kansas City Chiefs right now for motivation.

“We’ve got an opportunity to do something that was done last year,” Rivera said after Carolina wrapped up its only practice of the week. “A team started 1-5 and came back and put themselves in position.”

The Kansas City Chiefs were the ones to defy all odds. They won their first game and lost the next five just like the Panthers have. Then they went on to win the next ten games. The 1970 Cincinnati Bengals were the only other team to start 1-5 and still make the playoffs.

While many Panthers players are slowing giving up, Linebacker Thomas Davis refuses to stand down.

“Whether it has been done not or not, we believe in each other on this team, and we feel like we can do it,” Davis said. “But it’s all about winning one game. It just really starts from there. We can’t get too focused on what’s going to happen after playing the next game. We have to make sure we’re focused in on Arizona.”

The decision to waive defensive end Lavar Edwards was due to the fact that he wasn't as comfortable with the system. Wes Worton is a safer bet after being on the team for three years.

“Wes knows what we’re doing,” Rivera said. “Lavar didn’t have the benefit of being around in training camp, and that’s the hard part.”