Some Cleveland Browns Fans are Planning a "Perfect" Season Parade

By Patrick
Nov. 12, 2016

There may be another big parade in Cleveland coming. 

The Cleveland Browns (0-10) now have the Steelers (twice), Giants, Bengals, Bills, and Chargers left to play this season. That means a 'perfect' 0-16 season is possible. If the Browns end this season with a winless record, Johnny Manziel will have been the last player to win a football game for the Browns. Let that sink in.

Despite this ugly regard, some Browns fans are not giving up. In fact some of them are happy and planning a parade at the end of the season. That is what you call loyalty. The happiness could be related to getting another top draft pick or breaking records (not necessarily in a good way).

There has already been a Facebook event posted with over 4000 interested and 2000 that are planning on attending.

The 2008 Lions were the only other team to go 0-16, but they won all of their preseason games that year. The Browns didn't win a single preseason game. They could be looking at a possible 0-20 season.