Sports Fan Trying to be Television Famous by Drooling Beer on Himself?

By Patrick
Oct. 20, 2016

The Vine can be viewed Here.

There are many mysteries surrounding this viral Vine of a sports fan attending a basketball game drooling beer all over himself. Did he have too much to drink? Trying to win money? Trying to be television famous? 

The Boston Celtics lost to the NY Knicks in a preseason debut. The twenty-five point difference wasn't much to be excited about compared to the fan sitting behind Hubie Brown and Dave Pasch amusing himself with beer. This fan likely wasted a pretty expensive beer and ruined his nice shirt all for television time. Was that eight seconds worth it?

The fan seems to be pretty popular now, so I guess you could say mission accomplished? He managed to stick around for the second half despite wearing a damp shirt.