Video: High School Student Breaks Basketball Hoop With Powerful Dunk

By Patrick
Jan. 12, 2017

Is this kid a real human or a monster? It is certainly hard to tell with this powerful one handed dunk that shatters the backboard. Heritage High School baller Isaiah Banks ended the game after shattering the backboard class. What an impressive way to end a game. I don't think it gets much more exciting than that.

Looks the high school has some work to do to prepare for the next game.

I remember the time when a young basketball player at my high school in North Carolina dunked and shattered the glass just like this kid. The guy at my school didn't even realize what he had done until a few seconds later when everyone was in shock looking at the hoop. He was still hyped up about the huge dunk he had. That guy ended up getting interviewed by ESPN and went on to play college ball.