Inc advises Henderson should point out Manchester United or not

"Paul Inc", the former footballer of "Manchester United" who had visited to play for "Liverpool", came out to advise "Dean Henderson" that should return to the real label. Is this at all?

Foreign news agencies reported on 26 March that Paul Inc, a former player of the "Red Devils" Manchester United, the famous team of the English Premier League, who had visited to play for the rival forever. "Liverpool" Liverpool came out to advise Dean Henderson, goalkeeper in the distant future. Whether to return to the actual label this summer or not

It is understood that Dean Henderson has shown great form on loan with "double swords" Sheffield United and that there has been rumors of a return to the true agency. Like "Red Devils" Manchester United, but still with David de Gea, the Spanish defense boss Standing in the way, giving you two options: on loan, on the move, or with "Indigo Navy Lion" Chelsea is seized instead of Keppa Arisa Balakala. The sticky-world record of 71 million pounds that should be done after the ugly fall this season.

Most recently, Paul Inc said: "He is very good and he is still young. When you're playing on loan with Sheffield United and showing good form, there is a question of the possibility of a pole stunt for a true agency like Manchester United next season. He has to collect more experience. He should keep watching the post, week by week, like this indefinitely. If he moves back, there is a chance to sit back. "

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