2015-2016 Phil. Cup Amazing Facts

By Bigmatch
Nov. 23, 2016

The season is already underway but let us take a look at last year's Phil. Cup and relieve these amazing facts.

Ginebra's run ended in a controversial call

Remember that play? That play was a huge slapped to the belief that the SMC teams always get favoring calls from the referees.

10 players averaged 17 or more points 
The 2016 Philippine Cup was the breakout scoring season of the league. In 2015 and 2014 Phil. Cup, only one and six players, respectively, managed to reached the 17 mark. Those 10 players were Fajardo, Romeo, Slaughter, Anthony, Taulava, Castro, Pringle, Wilson, Garcia and Lastimosa.

Three rookies shot 50% or better
Guinto was the most efficient player in that conference with 58.5% (38/65). Moala Tautuaa and Troy Rosario went 53.8% (56/104) and 50% (64/128), respectively. Do you expect that to happen again this season?

San Miguel made the first ever comeback from a 0-3 deficit
I am pretty sure everyone remember this. It was one of the most entertaining series that I saw in my lifetime.