2015-2016 Season Summary: Star Hotshots

By Bigmatch
Oct. 22, 2016

There is no doubt that the Star Hotshots are the most disappointing team this season. With their line-up, it was unfathomable that they will end up with this results and numbers.

Two quarterfinals appearance only just two years from a grand slam triumph and with a better roster? That is disgusting. You can see above that they struggled against the good teams. The Commissioner's Cup was their best conference but that was also met with bad luck.

One mind-boggling thing for me was that they were a good 1st quarter team and the coach should get a lot of credit for that. Unfortunately, they were below average in the 4th quarter and with those 1st quarter leads not converted into wins, it only means that the coach failed in making the right adjustments. Two positive things that they can take into next season is their outside shooting and their adaptation to faster system. 

MARK BARROCA: 10.2 Pts | 4.5 Rebs | 3.9 Asts | 1.2 Stls | 35.6% 3FG
RR GARCIA: 14.6 Pts | 3.1 Rebs | 2.7 Asts | 33.8% 3FG
PJ SIMON: 12.7 Pts | 2.3 Rebs | 45.4% 3FG
MARC PINGRIS: 9.2 Pts | 6.8 Rebs | 2.1 Asts | 51.8% FG
IAN SANGALANG: 6.0 Pts | 3.7 Rebs | 49.4% FG

Mark Barroca was their best player this season. He showed great control of their offense and he was their best defender in the outside. One thing that I am hoping is for him to be more aggressive but that is hard to fathom with the arrival of Garcia and Paul Lee.

Ian Sangalang was not his usual self but I saw that as more of an adjustment period to a new scheme and to his injury. He is still young at 24 so Star should better keep him around.