2016-2017 Preview: The Top 10 Wingman!

By Bigmatch
Nov. 11, 2016

(c) PBA Media Bureau

Who cannot wait for the season to begin? Raise your hands! With a lot of player movements this offseason, I expect a very fascinating and entertaining season.

For today, we will tackle the most fascinating position, the wing! A wingman is basically a player that plays in the wing. They are the players that can play the SG and SF position. So, who are the top 10 wings entering the season? Let us find out!

I score the wings in three areas that encompasses the position: 
Shooting (10 Points): The ability to shoot effectively and efficiently from the outside
Offense (20 Points): All the other aspect of offense other than shooting from the outside.
Defense (20 Points): Their ability to lockdown their assignments, play team defense and grab rebounds.

Shooting 5
Offense 15
Defense 12
Total = 32

Intal entered the league as a volume scorer and he has sustained that in his whole career. Unfortunately, the efficiency never came. 

Shooting 8
Offense 13
Defense 13
Total = 34

KG rejuvenated his career in Mahindra as he produced 11.7 points, 3.8 rebounds and 35.4% 3FG. Playing alongside Romeo and Pringle could further enhance him or could push him to oblivion. 

Shooting 5
Offense 16
Defense 14
Total = 35

Dillinger is not the Daredevil anymore but he is still a great creator and he is slowly improving his outside shot. 

Shooting 5
Offense 18
Defense 15
Total = 38

Newsome is so versatile that he played the wing and point guard this season! His ability to create and defend and passable shooting led him to the seventh spot. 

Shooting 9
Offense 17
Defense 12
Total = 38

Larry is the most underrated scorer and playmaker in the country. He has very wide vision that he always makes the right pass. Larry and Chris are tied but Larry will get the higher spot due to seniority. 

Shooting 6
Offense 16.5
Defense 16
Total = 38.5

I did not foresee Baguio landing in the top 5 but his contribution to Phoenix exhibited that he still has it. 

Shooting 7.5
Offense 14
Defense 17
Total = 38.5

Yeah, you have forgotten about this guy but man, his defense, energy and hustle is still in him! I believe that he is still an above average creator even though he was not being asked to do that much, anymore. And he shot 38% from beyond the arc in he last two seasons. 

Shooting 9
Offense 17
Defense 13
Total = 39

Chan has been a staple in the top 5 3FG made and 3FG% in the last few seasons but in the last few years, Jeff has been slashing more. Last season, he shot 58.2% near the rim. 

Shooting 10
Offense 18
Defense 17
Total = 45

The Klay Thompson of the PBA, right? I do agree. He knows how to magnet the defense of the opponent and that is the best thing that I love about him. 

Shooting 6
Offense 20
Defense 20
Total = 46

With his size and the way coach Alex used him last season, Calvin is a wing and a forward to me. As a wing, Calvin is the best lockdown defender out there and he can create for his teammates, spark a fastbreak, provide strong screens and his shooting? It is already on the rise.