2016 Final Regular Mock Draft

By Bigmatch
Oct. 29, 2016

The draft is already tomorrow so let us have a last look of our regular draft. 

1 Blackwater - Ael Banal
The departure of Carlo Lastimosa means they will be using this to get a wing and there is no better player to replace Carlo than Banal. Banal was a big revelation in the camp where he took advantage of his 6'2, fully loaded body in getting to the lanes and he also knocked shots from beyond the arc.

2 Phoenix (from Star) - 
Chris Javier (Previously #5)
Javier was just okay during the draft combined but the scouts and coaches were blown away by the cleanliness of his game. He is a little bit undersize but he can shoot from the outside which will bode well with the dribble-drive of Phoenix

3 Ginebra (from Phoenix) - 
Ryan Arambulo (Previously #11)
Coach Tim Cone could be fascinated with a high IQ, super athletic wingman in Arambulo. He has a well-rounded game but his best skill for now is his first steps and intelligence inside the court. 

4 Mahindra -  
Jonathan Grey (Previously #2)
Grey did not made a good mark in the camp but there is no way the scouts can miss the potential in him. He is a great slasher who is now working on his shooting and the way I observed him over the years, he is a hardworker. He will also provide the Enforcers with another playmaker that they lacked last season.

5 Star (from GlobalPort) - 
Jericho De Guzman (Previously #1)
Star is pretty good in every position except the center. So, how about an unpolished 6'11 guy? At this point this is the best shot to take for the Hotshots. 

6 San Miguel (from NLEX) - 
Levi Hernandez (Previously #3)
San Miguel will go with a high-upside wing and I think Levi is the best fit. Coach Leo love to have three-point shooters in his bench and Levi is the guy.

7 Meralco - Jessie Saitanan

Everyone was in awe when Reynel Hugnatan begun knocking down threes so how about a prospect who can also do that and who can also play the center position? Jessie is not only a legit shooter from the outside but he has a good timing in blocking shots and good basics in rebounding. 

8 NLEX (from TNT) - Joseph Eriobu 
(Previously #4)
Coach Yeng wants as much versatility as possible and Joseph Eriobu is the best versatile player at this point. He is athletic, works hard in defense, can shoot from the midrange and from beyond the arc and a great player off the ball. 

9 Rain or Shine - 
Rashawn McCarthy (Previously #6)
The fact that Rashawn is still available here makes me believe that this will be a very inaccurate mock draft. The departure of Paul Lee opens up a need in the PG position and Rashawn can fill that. He will be a good partner to the strong guards of ROS because he can defend and shoot from deep.

10 Ginebra - Raymond Jamito

Maybe coach Tim misses Marc Pingris so how about his lite version? Jamito is a hardworker who mirrored his game to his idol Pinoy Sakuragi. Maybe, after a few seasons he can be a serviceable player for them. But with his blue-collar attitude, he could make it earlier.

11 Alaska - Tristan Perez
In the same mold of Jamito but not as athletic but he has great handles which made him a great fastbreak starter. It would be amazing watching him with Calvin Abueva.

12 Phoenix (from San Miguel) - Gelo Alolino 
(Previously #7)
For the last pick, expect Phoenix to go for the best talent available here and that is Gelo Alolino.