2016 Offseason Grade: ALA, BWE, NLEX, TNT, STAR, SMB

By Bigmatch
Nov. 24, 2016

The season is already underway and the moves that the teams made in the offseason will be put to the test. So, how about grading their offseason' acquisitions and trades?

We will grade them according to the impact of their transactions in this season and beyond. 

Carl Bryan Cruz - F
Josh Vanladingham - SF
Sam Eman - C
Erik Menk - PF

This Season: D
Beyond: D

Carl Bryan Cruz is just the acquisition of the Aces, but I think, he could be the last piece of the puzzle for the Aces. His ability to play SF, PF and C will give more flexibility to their line-up which could help them counter any team in a playoff series. But, with a single acquisition, Sonny Thoss will need to maintain his production from last season. 

Dennice Villamor - G/F
Joseph Eriobu - F
Josan Nimes - G/F
Alex Mallari - G/F
Russel Escoto F/C
Ryan Araña G
Rob Reyes F/C
Reden Celda - PG
Jason Deutchman - PF
Jeckster Apinan - C

Chito Jaime SF
Hyram Bagatsing - SF
Raymond Aguilar - PF/C
Paolo Taha - G/F
Aldrech Ramos - PF
KG Canaleta - SF
Bradwyn Guinto - PF
Philip Paniamogan - G
Keith Agovida - G/F
Nico Elorde - PG

This Season: -F
Beyond: D

That negative grade means they become weaker this season. I am really disappointed that they let go of Ramos and Canaleta because the two has established themselves as the foundation of the team. On the other hand, Escoto and Nimes have good ceiling to look forward to.

Carlo Lastimosa - SG
Bradwyn Guinto - F/C
Alfonzo Gotladera - F/C
Chito Jaime - SF

Rob Reyes - C
James Forrester - SF
Harold Arboleda - F
Mac Cardona - SG

This Season: B
Beyond: B

Every time you added more bigman than what you give up, you can expect a good grade from me. Even though Bradwyn is just on his second season, his post game is well established and he has a midrange jumper already. I am pretty sure coach Yeng will push him and Gotladera to try three-pointers.

Carlo Lastimosa could be handling the Jericho Cruz role on coach Yeng's scheme. If coach Yeng can bend him to put more effort on the defensive end, he will be more effective. Their acquisitions and moves rounded their present contention and their future, very well. 

James Yap - G/F
Jay Washington - PF
Mike Tolomia - PG
Billy Robles - PG

Paul Lee - G
JR Quinahan - C
Jeric Teng - SG

This Season: E
Future: E

The overall players movement of Rain or Shine gave them a little bit of improvement. If we also consider the departure of Coach Yeng, that will become a negative, too. James Yap and Jay Washington are different from Paul Lee and JR so expect a very different Elasto Painters this season. 

I am not that high on Mike Tolomia but he is a legit scorer and a playmaker that can be maximized in the right scheme. 

Arnold Van Opstal - C
RR Garcia - G
Keith Agovida - G/F
Rashawn McCarthy - G

Gary David - SG
Ryan Arana - SG

This Season: C
Beyond: A

San Miguel did what they needed to do. The addition of RR Garcia just made their elite bench, much better. Now, it is not a problem anymore if the coach doesn't want to take advantage of it. Garcia is just 26 years old so he will be an effective player for them, for a long time.

This offseason basically sealed them as a contender for the next decade and a half. AVO will be molded as the replacement of Santos, two years from now. Rashawn also has a good ceiling. And Agovida could develop into a long-term role-player.

Paul Lee - G
Jio Jalalon - PG
Chris Javier - F/C
Aldrech Ramos - PF
Samboy de Leon - G

James Yap - SG
Alex Mallari - G/F
RR Garcia - G
Jerwin Gaco - F

This Season: A
Beyond: A

Yes, Star has the best offseason this year. Making that Yap-Lee trade was not easy for them, I'm sure, but that trade was a huge victory for them, no matter how you saw it, basketball-wise. Aldrech Ramos, not Paul Lee, was their best acquisition because he added something that they never had in the fast few years, a floor-stretching ability. 

Now, their future was much brighter now with Jalalon there. Even though, they will still need to decide on how will Lee, Barroca and Jio will play together. Lee is just 27 years old so don't treat him as an old veteran. Lee will be key of Star this season.