2016 Regular Draft Grades

By Bigmatch
Nov. 02, 2016

It is time to give the grades for the hauls of each team in the regular draft. Who did the right thing? Who reached too much? Who missed someone? We will see.

Alaska/Rain or Shine - PASSED
It was a remarkable deed that they decided to passed just to avoid giving false hope to the rookies. But in reality, it was the worst decision in a professional league. Nevertheless, their goodwill took a little bit of plus from the players, especially their own.
Grade: E

Blackwater -  #1 Ael Banal, #13 Tristan Perez

With the departure of Carlo Lastimosa, getting an SG is the right way to go. Banal has a lot of good qualities in him and he was great in the draft combine. Getting a big with their 13th pick is just fine but they should have used at least one more pick to grab another big to try out.
Grade: B

Ginebra - #3 Jammer Jamito, #10 Jericho de Guzman
Ginebra over-did it. They are now seven-deep in their frontline rotation so expect someone to be pushed out to free-agency. If these two survive the cut, it means they are worth coach Tim's effort. It could have been much better if they pick a shooter that they still need even with the arrival of Ferrer.
Grade: C

GlobalPort - #14 Francis Tamsi, #17 Ryan Arambulo, #27 Spencer Eman
Globalport cannot keep adding guards and wings to their team without unloading some. It seems like that is the plan but I haven't seen all the moves yet so I can only grade it with what they have right now. Eman is the second tallest in the pool so taking a flyer on him is fine.
Grade: D

Mahindra - #4 Joseph Eriobu, #19 Cedrick Ablaza, #26 Jan Jamon, #33 Paolo Pontejos
Eriobu's versatility will help him contribute to Mahindra who has shallow depth on every position. Ablaza and Jamon will bring their scoring prowess to the wing. I think, only one of them will remain for the season. Unfortunately, they did not address their weakest position, the frontline.
Grade: C

Meralco - #7 Jonathan Gray #15 Jessie Saitanan, #29 Ryusei Koga
I think, they get Gray to be the receiver of the minutes that Daquioag will left when he is on his Gilas duties. Right now, the Bolts has so many guards so expect a very competitive practices to determine who will remain. Jessie Saitanan is an excellent pick at #15. He will bring a different flavor to their bigman depth.
Grade: C

NLEX - #8 Reden Celda

Other than their SG position, every position could have handled rookies. Maybe, coach Yeng is already satisfied with what he saw with the current team. Reden is your typical guard that can pass, shoot and make plays. The question is, how high is his ceiling?
Grade: C

Phoenix - #2 Gelo Alolino, #12 Jeff Javillonar, #18 Nico Javelona, #20 Alex Inigo
I am not a fan of loading up the backcourt in the draft. Why? We have a lot of guards rooming around in the free-agency that you can easily sign if you need one! They did not draft any bigman so they will need to survive giving minutes to Pennisi, Caperal and Miranda. And their backcourt is already loaded before they even start drafting!
Grade: E

San Miguel - #6 Rashawn McCarthy, #16 Jovet dela Cruz
When you have Chris Ross, Alex Cabagnot, Keith Agovida, Brian Heruela, Ronald Tubid, Gary David and Chris Lutz, how can you justify getting two old guard prospects? McCarthy is good though.
Grade: E

Star - #5 Chris Javier
Chris javier has diverse skillset but the Star will need to be patient with him. The kid is a hardworker and maybe Marc Pingris can help him out in bringing more fire to his game. I am also fine of using just one pick because they have good depth already.
Grade: A

TNT - #30 Timothy Habelito, #36 Mikee Reyes, #38 Levi Hernandez
TNT will bring-in three rookies in three different position. Habelito is a little bit short for playing the center position but he can shoot from deep. He can make the cut if his defense holds up. Mikee Reyes is a proven point guard. Levi Hernandez could be the most interesting prospect out of the three because he is a shooter who can light it up. Could he be the predecessor of Larry Fonacier? We will see.
Grade: A