2017 PBA Draft - Power Ranking 1.0: A Great Class?

By Bigmatch
Dec. 04, 2016

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The 2016 class started with a bang. Can the 2017 class be better and deeper? Let us see.

Just like in the last one, I will give you two values, potential value and the current skills and impact value. The potential value connotes into how great will this player be if he hits his ceiling. While the CSIV refers to the what the players can offer as of the moment. The highest value is 15 for each.

#1 Bobby Ray Parks
Current Skills and Impact Value = 15
Potential = 15

I know that the hype behind this kid is blowing up the roof but man, he is legit. In his debut in the Asean Basketball League, he exhibited his immense athleticism and skills with his 19 points, 7 rebounds and 4 blocks performance. I doubt, we will ever see an overall blend of talent and potential that Parks has for the next decade. 

#2 Kiefer Ravena
Current Skills and Impact Value = 14
Potential = 13
A lot of fans see him as an over-hype prospect right now but can you really blame the hype when a guy averaged 16.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game in his career in the UAAP? Not only that, he posted 23+ PER in four of his five seasons in the UAAP. If he learns to be more of a facilitator and fix his shot selection, Ravena could be a franchise player in the pro rank, right away. 

#3 Davon Potts
Current Skills and Impact Value = 13
Potential = 13

Davon did not waste anytime in introducing himself to Philippine basketball with his impressive showing in the NCAA. He is a strong player with diverse skillset. His main offensive weapon is his three-point shooting that he even exhibited in the NCAA in the United States. He can only slash and make midrange shots. Lastly, he has the knack of making crunch time plays which is a great skill to have. 

#4 Jeron Teng
Current Skills and Impact Value = 12
Potential = 13

Jeron's size, strength and agility is very enticing to see in the pro ranks. He averaged 16.9 points and 3.3 rebounds in the elimination round of the UAAP  and that is a little bit off. With his size, I am pretty sure he will be a great slasher at the pros right away but he will need to straighten his midrange game to be more effective. 

#5 Raymar Jose
Current Skills and Impact Value = 11
Potential = 12

Jose just needed a single season of opportunity to prove that he deserves to be on the first round of the upcoming PBA draft if he decided to join. Jose's offensive game is not yet polish but in terms of hard work and heart, he could already be a top 20 in the whole country, including the pros. If he can train the right way and put the effort, he could be a starter in the professional rank.

#6 Mark Tallo 
Current Skills and Impact Value = 11
Potential = 11

Mark made the hard decision to go to CESAFI when he found it hard to get opportunity in the very deep backcourt of DLSU. I think he made the correct decision because in his time in the Cebu league, he established himself as one, if not the best collegiate slasher in the country. He also completes great passes and he can create for his teammates. 

#7 Abu Tratter
Current Skills and Impact Value = 9
Potential = 12

The arrival of the monstrous Ben Mbala erased some of the expected playing time for Abu this season. Fortunately, the minutes that he had was enough to showcase what he can go and what he could be. He is very athletic and fast in running down the court. He could already slash his way to the basket and if he learns some post moves, he could be a force in the PBA. 

#8 Jason Perkins
Current Skills and Impact Value = 10
Potential = 10

Perkins decided to return to UAAP this year instead of pursuing his PBA dreams. That did not work because his minutes were reduced to single digit but logical, the skills that he showcased in his first three seasons should still be there. He has good fundamental and he already have a polished midrange shot which could be stretch to the three-point line in a few years. 

#8 Lervin Flores
Current Skills and Impact Value = 9
Potential = 9

He is an athletic freak but not yet in the mold of a Rey Guevarra who showcased impressive scoring ability in his college days. He has a good nose for the ball and willing to bang inside. He could be good forward in the pro if he start polishing his skills and fundamentals, now. 

#9 Zachary Nichols
Current Skills and Impact Value = 10
Potential = 7

Zachary is a shooter and he has a great form that can easily translate in the pros. Being a catch and shoot sniper in his whole college career, Nichols will have an easy time doing that in the pros because he has the height, too. 

#10 Gabriel Dagangon

Current Skills and Impact Value = 9
Potential = 8

Here is another shooter. He is not as polished as Nichols in terms of shooting but he has a great nose for the ball, just like his former partner-in-crime, Scottie Thompson. He still need to fix some areas of his game but with his versatility, he could be a steal in next year's draft.