2017 Phil. Cup Week 1 Awards: The Young Studs Dominate!

By Bigmatch
Nov. 28, 2016

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The PBA is back so let us give out our first set of awards!

Clutch Player of the Week: This is the player that delivered the right plays in the last six minutes of the fourth quarter to help his team in a close game.
Monster of the Week: This is the player that shows the best statline for the week.
Mr. Quality Minutes of the Week: This is the player that produced a lot in a short amount of playing time.
Junior Player of the Week: This is the best player of the week who is still very young. He is either a rookie, a sophomore or a third year player who is 24 years old and below.
Disappointment of the Week: This is the player that played horribly and did not produce at par with the amount of minutes
he played.

Clutch Player of the Week: 
Dennis Miranda - Hit the game-winning floater vs Meralco
Coach Leo Isaac run a motion play to win the game. Denok did not hesitate to attack and win the game. That is the way veterans should act in closing seconds and with him there, Blackwater could go deep this conference. 
1st Runner-Up: RDO - Hit a three and assisted in a 5-0 run to take the lead vs Ginebra

Disappointing Player of the Week: 
Sol Mercado - 23 MINS | 7 PTS | 4 Tos | -20 +/-
Mercado was not his usual productive self. His defense was not consistent and he even gave TNT four free balls. That -20 means Ginebra was outscored by 20 points per 100 possession when he was on the floor. That was the worst in their game against TNT. Next to him was -14. 
1st Runner-up: Paul Lee - 12 PTS | 10 REBS | 9 TOs | 4/12 FG

Monster of the Week: 
Terrence Romeo - 29 PTS | 6 ASTS | 9/13 FG
This is the Terrence Romeo that the eleven other teams are fearing to see. He netted 29 points with that 69.2% FG. He did not only play efficiently but he also made plays for his teammates. The biggest question now is, can he do it again?
1st Runner-up: June Mar Fajardo - 25 PTS | 16 REBS | 2 BLKS

Mr. Quality Minutes of the Week: 
Dave Marcelo - 11 MINS | 6 PTS | 3 REBS | 3 ASTS
Dave continue to be a quality role player for coach Tim Cone. He scored inside, get rebounds and made the right passes. If he can continue to make the right passes, I expect his playing time to go up.
1st Runner-up: Denok Miranda - 14 MINS | 11 PTS | 3 REBS | 6.5 ASTS

Junior Player of the Week: 
Mac Belo - 21 PTS | 7.5 REBS | 16/25 FG
Believe it or not but the Elite are currently the top team in the PBA and leading them is the "#1" pick of the draft, Mac Belo. I know that he is an efficient player but I did not anticipate that he will average 21 points in 64% shooting, right away. He is not the explosive type, but he gets the job done. 
1st Runner-up: Terrence Romeo - 29 PTS | 6 ASTS | 9/13 FG