Argue or Agree? - About Imports, Gary David and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 06, 2016

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This is an article that can easily anger you or appease you. The articles will be a sharing of some of my opinions and conclusions in the happenings around the league. I will try to minimize using numbers, as much as possible.

So, will you agree with my takes or do you want to argue with me? If you want to argue, the comment box below is there for you.

Here are my takes, enjoy!

Imports are not as important as it use to be
This season has proven that our locals have improved to the point that the impact of the imports to the success of the team is at its lowest in the history of the league! Remember last conference when Rain or Shine triumphed with an import that barely reached double-digit in scoring? And this conference, TNT is at the top with a local leading the way.

I am not saying that the imports aren't conference-changers anymore but there is no doubt in my mind that their value is not that high this season.

Gabe Norwood is a big what if
Watch the 3:44-4:04 part and be amazed by the drive of Gabe Norwood.

When I saw that, a question pops up in my mind. What if Gabe never found his way to Rain or Shine? What if Coach Yeng asked more from him on the offensive end? In that one drive, we saw his wit, athleticism and explosiveness and without a doubt, he could be the most unstoppable vertical slasher in the PBA! 

Gary David should shoot more threes
I observed in SMB games that El Granada has been more compost and more of a team player when he is on the court. I checked his numbers and I was right. He only took 20 tries in 117 total minutes of play. I am not totally sure if that is really helping his team or not. The fact is, all the teams still respect his outside shooting and he still vacuums the defense when he is beyond the arc. But to maintain that vacuum, he need to take shots!