Argue or Agree? About Kobe Caluya, SMB and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 28, 2016

This is an article that can easily anger you or appease you. The articles will be a sharing of some of my opinions and conclusions in the happenings around the league. I will try to minimize using numbers, as much as possible.

So, will you agree with my takes or do you want to argue with me? If you want to argue, the comment box below is there for you.

Here are my takes, enjoy!

Kobe Caluya disrespected the league 
Hear me out here. The issue surrounding a 43 years old, who is part of the draft pool, is a two-edged sword. First, I respect Kobe Caluya for his courage and love for the game that even with his age, he tried to achieve it. The way I read it, he is the first person to do this one. So, hats off Mr. Caluya!

But in the flip side, it was a disrespect to the league too. Why? We are talking about a professional league here where the top ballers in the country are filtered and only about 180-210 players can play in each season. For him to pursue his dreams at 43 years old and believing that at that age he can still compete at this level means he is belittling the league.

If he truly dreamed to enter the PBA, he should have work his butt off when he was younger and put the effort to find someone, an amateur league that can hone his skills for him to have a better shot to be drafted. 

It is a bigger disrespect to the players, except Pacman of course. Why? Because these players actually did their best from the get go to get to the PBA and now here comes a 43 years old insisting that he has the skills to play in the PBA? That is absurd.

But at the end of the day, I respect him but we also need to realize that it was a disrespect to the players and to the league. Remember how mad you are when Pacman entered the league? The same reasons applies to Kobe.

Star franchise days in the PBA is numbered 
As I analyze it, my mind is slowly reaching the point that Star may be up for sale soon. Think about this, if you are the owner of Star, will you exchange the player that markets your company the most? I know that they won the Lee-Yap swap but what if it was a sort of cost-cutting? And, why would you choose another unproven coach replacing a rookie coach that failed miserably? Yeah. Maybe I am just hallucinating.

I feel bad for the rookies that SMB will choose
SMB is so loaded that it is really hard for anybody to climb the rotation. Brian Heruela is a great prospect but he never sniffed 15 minutes playing behind two elite guards in Chris Ross and Alex Cabagnot. Ronald Pascual was highly regarded but his confidence was shuttered when he was put behind the more talented Marcio Lassiter and Chris Lutz. So, for the prospects that will fortunately end up with SMB, work hard!