Checking the 2016 Leo Awards

By Bigmatch
Oct. 15, 2016

The awards has been given so let us scrutinize the choices of the voters. 

Sportsmanship Award: June Mar Fajardo
- I don't have a problem with this one. Fajardo is one of the most humble and patient player in the league. 

Most Improved Player: Jericho Cruz
I am not disputing the decision but I saw more game improvement from RR Garcia and JR Quinahan. Cruz increased his efficiency from the outside and became more consistent on the defensive end. 

Rookie of the Year: Chris Newsome

Chris Newsome and Troy Rosario are both correct choices for this award. Personally, Newsome will also be my choice because he was more consistent this season and he was a better defender. 

All-Defensive Team: 
Japeth Aguilar
Marc Pingris
Gabe Norwood
Chris Exciminiano

Chris Ross
I have a lot of problems with this award. First, Marc Pingris is a very good defender but his performance this season did not warrant an inclusion to the 2016 All-Defensive Team. He posted his worst defensive rating in the last four years. One guy that should have been part of this one is Calvin Abueva. He did not only post the best defensive rating this season but if you watched him play, you can see how disrupt the whole offense of their opponent. 

Mythical Teams
1st Team:
June Mar Fajardo
Arwind Santos
Calvin Abueva
Terrence Romeo
Jayson Castro
2nd Team: 
Japeth Aguilar
Asi Taulava
Sean Anthony
LA Tenorio
Alex Cabagnot

The exclusion of Stanley Pringle was a crime! Stanley posted the fifth best Player Efficiency this season! Check these three statlines and tell me which one deserves to be there:
19.3 points | 5.8 rebounds | 4.5 assists | 39.8% 3FG | 48.3% FG
12.9 points | 4.0 rebounds | 4.4 assists | 38.5% 3FG | 43.1% FG
14.3 points | 3.6 rebounds | 4.0 assists | 34.2% 3FG | 40.4% FG
Pringle owns the first one. 

Other than that, I don't have much of a problem. Arwind Santos' numbers of 12.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 37.5% FG was not totally 1st mythical team worthy but if you checked the advance numbers, you will see his positive effects on both ends of the court.

Most Valuable Player: June Mar Fajardo 

He totally deserves it. His impact and overall performance is unmatched this season.