December 05 News and Rumors Recap: Coach Alex Compton, Enrico Villanueva and etc.

By Bigmatch
Dec. 05, 2016

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Some of the most enticing news, recently, evolve around the teams at the bottom.

One less: Enrico Villanueva suffered an MCL tear

According to the team manager of NLEX, Enrico will miss the entire Philippine Cup due to his MCL tear. Coach Yeng said that he will be out for at least two months. 

His absence was hardly felt in their game against Meralco as Soyud and Baracael handled their additional minutes well. In a way, the newly available 10-15 minutes a game could be a positive as if gives more experience to Soyud and Bradwyn Guinto. 

Proud: Coach Alex give credit to his boys
Coach Alex and his Aces found a way to give two contending teams, NLEX and San Miguel, a hard time even with the absence of Calvin Abueva and Sonny Thoss. Coach Alex said, “You saw all of those guys compete and contribute. I was so proud of them. The most significant minutes of their career was against the two-time defending champions.”

No disrespect to the players, but coach Alex and his coaching staff deserves more credit than the players. Coach was able to almost eked out a victory even though none of his players played more than 30 minutes! These close calls should boost the confidence of the team and that will fuel them in making a run this season. 

Frustrated: Marc Pingris burst out his dissatisfaction to his teammates 
Star's struggle continued this season and Pinoy Sakuragi really wants to shook his teammates to bring out the best of the team. 
“We’re not following coach’s instructions... You can see it in our games. We want to win games to a point that everybody wants to be a hero. Coach keeps on reminding us that we have to share the ball and to always practice defense... We have to trust each other. Whoever is open, whoever has a good game, we have to help him.”

With this statement, it could really be possible that the frustration of the players have made their team worst. Maybe, coach Chito is doing his best but his players are not really listening anymore. That would be very sad because that will be very hard to solve. 

Scapegoat?: Mahindra's management is planning to fire Coach Gavina?
Factuality Meter - 50%

According to our #1 source of rumors, the management of Mahindra is not happy with the on-going run of their team and that could cause the job of Coach Gavina. I think, it is logical for a management to point to the coach when the team struggles as the history of basketball league, suggest. But, I am hoping they keep coach Gavina because he was fantastic in the Governors' Cup and letting him go could get them worse. 

If they fire him, that will be comedic because they were the one actually who pulled their very bad line-up into a worse one. How could they expect better results with what they did?