Five Riskiest 2016 Picks

By Bigmatch
Nov. 04, 2016

Everyone is very hopeful with the hauls of their team in the 2016 draft. The fact remains though that it may not go according to plan and unearth bust from your picks. SO, here are the five riskiest picks in the draft.

Arnold Van Opstal
It is good that San Miguel chose him but AVO is still carrying a lot of baggage. There is a big question about his passion with the game. He is also not the healthiest bigman out there. And with his looks, there are some extra distractions surrounding him. At his current level of play, AVO still needs to develop a lot of things in his game.

Jiovani Jalalon
His performance in NCAA and in Gilas pushed the expectations of him in a very high level. Everyone expect him to be at least a starter in the PBA. His shooting still needs practice. He will be pretty small in the PBA and his defense could turnout badly. Lastly, he is not really the best decision-making amateur point guard out there. He uses his speed and handle to make plays. What if he will not be fast enough in the pros? In conclusion, there is a possibility that he can only be a back-up PG.

Mike Tolomia
Converted scoring point guards are the most unpredictable kind of prospect. Tolomia is the face of that kind for this batch. He is a good passer but I don't know if he can be a legit playmaker. His sniping ability still needs work. One player that you can compare him to is Kevin Alas who hasn't found his footing in his two years in the league.

Jammer Jamito
The guy is hardworking and athletic. It is also a good thing that he will have coach Tim Cone as his mentor. But, he is too aggressive for his own good. Uncontrollable beast could be more of a negative than a positive. Also, he may not be strong enough to play a lot of minutes in the power forward position and may not be fast enough to play the small forward position. 

Russell Escoto
As of now, he is more of an athlete than a good basketball player. It is good that he can do a lot of things but he needs to at least be elite in one thing as soon as possible.