Gov. Cup Players' Report Cards: Phoenix, Mahindra, NLEX, Alaska

By Bigmatch
Oct. 09, 2016

Welcome to our Governors' Cup card day! We will now give our grade to each player of all the teams. We will use the normal grading system of 50-100. 75 is the passing grade of course.

Let us all welcome the participants coming from the four teams eliminated in the quarterfinals!

My grade greatly depends on the performance of the player and in his success on doing his role in his team.

So, let's get this rolling!

99 Phelps, Eugene
90 Urbiztondo, Josh
86 Torres, Norbert
85 Wilson, Willy
84 Buenafe, Ronjay
79 Baguio, Cyrus
77 Enciso, Simon
76 Lanete, Chico
75 Borboran, Mark
73 Cruz, Mark
72 Lee, Gwan Hee
71 Caperal, Prince
69 Wilson, John
67 Pennisi, Mick

The player who was nearest to the meaning of carrying a team was no other than Eugene Phelps. He was a monster throughout he Conference with his 36.4 points, 19.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. Josh Urbiztondo was as flamboyant as ever with his role. 

John Wilson and Mick Pennisi were given enough opportunity to find their groove from the outside but they failed to do that this conference. In total, they went 16/49 from the outside. 

92 Ramos, Aldrech
91 Yee, Mark
90 White, James
88 Canaleta, KG
81 Revilla, LA
80 Ballesteros, Jason
79 Taha, Paolo
78 Bagatsing, Hyram
78 Aguilar, Raymond
76 Guinto, Bradwyn
75 Agovida, Keith
74 Zandi, Iman
70 DiGregorio, Michael Vincent
63 Jaime, Chito
62 Elorde, Nico

James White the most effective player in the court but considering everything, Aldrech Ramos got the highest grade. He was a legit threat from the outside with his 39.3% from beyond the arc and he played intelligently in offense. Mark Yee continue to be the most underrated role player in the league with his versatility, hustle and defense.

Jaime Chito and Nico Elorde tried their best to be as helpful as possible in several minutes of playing time but they did not flourish. 

95 Lanete, Garvo
93 Walker, Henry
85 Arboleda, Harold
81 Villanueva, Jonas
81 Baracael, Mac
79 Khobuntin, Glen
79 Monfort, Emman
78 Taulava, Asi
77 Villanueva, Enrico
73 Anthony, Sean
70 Akl, Rodrigue
67 Alas, Kevin

This is basically the breakout conference of Garvo Lanete. Coach Boyet Fernandez' trust in him took dividends this conference with his 51.2% 3FG per game. With that his Offensive Rating jumped to 133.0. Henry Walker was magnificent as a scorer this conference. 

Kevin Alas failed with his role as a starter this conference that he ended with -13.9 net rating. Rodrigue Akl was as bad with his 2.6 points, 2.3 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game. 

96 Henton, LaDontae
95 Abueva, Calvin
94 Jazul, RJ
87 Banchero, Chris
85 Casio, Jvee
85 Thoss, Sonny
84 Exciminiano, Chris
78 Baclao, Nonoy
76 dela Rosa, Rome
72 Manuel, Vic
72 Racal, Kevin
70 Hontiveros, Dondon
61 Menk, Eric

Calvin Abueva was no doubt the only third candidate for the Best Player of the Conference behind Jayson Castro and June Mar Fajardo. The Beast contributed 14.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.3 steals in 24.4 minutes of play. LaDontae Henton was one of the terrific and consistent imports this conference. 

Eric Menk was hardly felt this conference and Dondon Hontiveros failed to deliver consistently from beyond the arc, 32.4%, and his defense was awful.