Gov. Cup Players' Report Cards: San Miguel, TNT

By Bigmatch
Oct. 10, 2016

Welcome to our Governors' Cup card day! We will now give our grade to each player of all the teams. We will use the normal grading system of 50-100. 75 is the passing grade of course.

Let us all welcome the participants coming from the four teams eliminated in the quarterfinals!

My grade greatly depends on the performance of the player and in his success on doing his role in his team.

So, let's get this rolling!

99 Castro, Jayson
95 Fonacier, Larry
93 Ammons, Mychal
91 Rosales, Kris
87 De Ocampo, Ranidel
84 Williams, Kelly
81 Reyes, Ryan
79 Madanly, Michael
78 Rosario, Troy
75 Carey, Harvey
74 Ganuelas-Rosser, Matt
73 Tautuaa, Moala
60 Nuyles, Alex

It is really hard to describe what Jayson Castro did this conference. He put up 23.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 7.4 assists, 1.1 steals and 37.2% 3FG per game. He was the import of TNT. I saw several games where he takeover and he succeeded in pushing his team to victories. Larry Fonacier was also fantastic this conference. He hit 47.6% of his shots from the outside and he was also passable on defense. 

Moala Tautuaa was not that bad this conference but he ended with the 2nd worst grade. He put up the third worst offensive rating and was not able to deliver with the opportunity that was given to him. Alex Nuyles was very bad in his few minutes in the court.

95 Fajardo, June Mar
89 Cabagnot, Alex
87 Santos, Arwind
86 Millsap, Elijah
84 Ross, Chris
77 Lassiter, Marcio
76 Tubid, Ronald
75 Semerad, David
74 Heruela, Brian
74 Reyes, Jay-R
72 De Ocampo, Yancy
72 Espinas, Gabby
70 Arana, Ryan
67 David, Gary

One of the downside of consistency is we tend to under-appreciate and that applies to the Kraken who again finished with a double-double average (18.9 points, 12.9 rebounds, 1.4 blocks, 58.2% FG) . Fajardo ended with +14.5 net rating. 

Alex Cabagnot's primary value has been his ability to knock shots in crunchtime and he was consistent again in hitting big time shots. He was also fantastic with his offguard role, 42% 3FG.

Ryan Arana and Gary David were awful in their bench roles. Gary David's hand was very cold in the conference, shooting 29% from beyond the arc while Arana ended up shooting 37% in the court this conference.