My advice on how to Mahindra should use Gary David and Rey Guevarra

By Bigmatch
Nov. 30, 2016

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Gary David and Rey Guevarra debuted for Mahindra in an embarrassing loss against Rain or Shine. There was even a point where Rain or Shine led by 50 points. 

David could only come up with a single point while Rey Guevarra finished with 9 points. Let us hold our holsters guys, those only have two practices with the squads before the game.

So, being the confident man that I am, I want to give my advice regarding the best way to maximize the talent of the two.

Rey Guevarra
- Put him in the bench. He has never showed consistency in his game but he does have the ability to click in a streaky manner, making him a good spark-plug. Other than that, his versatility will also make him a good tool for coach Gavina. He could ask him to focus in locking down someone or help the team in quickening the pace.

Gary David
- This is the more interesting one. If I am coach Gavina, I will start and Gary and run my offense through him! Yes, Gary is not even a worthy back-up on an elite team but with Mahindra, he should be the go-to-guy.

Why? Because he has the experience in doing it and he was actually successful with Powerade. Running through him, doesn't mean giving him the ball but it means giving him two-three screens per game to get open for a catch-and-shoot three which is his most effective shot. 

One thing that coach Gavina should tell him though is to pass the ball as much as possible. If he gets the ball in a position where he doesn't have a reliable shot, he should pass it right away and give his teammates a chance to get a better shot.

I am not too hopeful with these signings but a ray of hope is a ray of hope.