November 05 News and Rumors Recap: James Yap, Coach Gavina and etc.

By Bigmatch
Nov. 05, 2016

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With a lot of happenings around the league, it took us a few days to have another rundown. 

Baffled: Even Coach Gavina doesn't understand the trade that his management is making

In a shocking revelation, coach Gavina expressed his tak about the trades that his team is making with an interview with Here are the most meaningful one:

“Some of the these movements are just above my pay grade and I’m just pretty much dealing with who they bring in right now and try to form a semblance of a team of what we had last conference, a competitive team even with all these changes." 

In that statement we see a coach who is standing up to his duties even though he doesn't understand anything at all. Kudos to coach Chris.

“Anything outside of the basketball court, I really don’t have … it’s not that I don’t have any say, but it’s not so much I can control.”

In that one, we catch a glimpse of what is happening with the franchise. It is outside of basketball. We saw them make trades to both MVP and SMC camps which means only one thing, they are not a farm team! So? They on financial trouble and they needed to make those trades to sustain their team.

One more run: Jeff Chan has faith on James Yap 
A lot of people, including me, saw the Lee-Yap trade in favor of Star but Chan was not one of them as he believed that The Man with a Billion Moves still has a few good years on him. 

In an interview with FOX Sports, Chan said, 
“Si James, may konting iniinda lang naman sa tuhod, and siyempre last conference, may mga injuries siya pero hopefully, maging free na siya sa injuries at maipakita niya sa lahat na two-time MVP siya."

In a way, it could be possible that injuries were really the main reason of the regression of Yap in the last three years. Those injuries were on different parts of his body so it will really affect him in a lot of ways.  If he stays healthy, it could a be fun year in the Painters family. 

Webbing into another home?: Arwind Santos is on the block?
Factuality Meter: 10%

A huge bomb exploded this week when the #1 source of chismis brought out the name "Arwind". We did not saw or received additional information about this claim so let us check the rosters.

Just by looking at the roster of San Miguel, it could be hard to buy this trade. If the Beermen wants to maintain a no-hole starting five, they will need to receive another elite player who can play 4. If that does not happen, they will settle with Espinas as their starting 4 which is not that bad but not as good also.

And, they actually have elite starters in every position so there will be no point of adding another one in another position. Now, if they are acquiring another elite 4, it will be hard to find logical candidates. Maybe Art Dela Cruz or Ian Sangalang? 

It is hard to believe it, right?