November 06 News and Rumors Recap: Cebu & Mindanao, Rain or Shine and etc.

By Bigmatch
Nov. 06, 2016

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Here is another quick take of the recent happenings around the league.

Chemistry: Rain or Shine and Star held team-building vacations

The first two teams to give time for team relaxation were also the two squads that made the biggest deal in the offseason. Rain or Shine went to Batangas while the Star chose Tagaytay. The entire squads of the two teams participated.

Other than Mahindra, these two squads made the biggest changes in their line-up and coaching staffs. With only two weeks away from the opening, the two teams will need to build chemistry as soon as possible.

A Big Step: PBA will establish a Visayas-Mindanao D-League
It is official, the players in Visayas and Mindanao will now have an amateur league of their own as the PBA approved the creation of a Visayas-Mindanao D-League. Let us not forget to give the credit to the right persons because this plan was already on the table in the time of Chito Salud. 

This will mean one less baggage for the PBA hopefuls in the South. Being a D-League, expect the PBA teams to employ scouts to monitor the league. I hope this is the first step into playing more games in the south and tap their market deeper. 

One more?: Star management wants to trade Marc Pingris?
Factuality Meter: 50%

One of the bombs that fell down last week was assumed to be Marc Pingris. According to one of the sources, the management is just waiting for their fans to cool down after the trade of James Yap before they pull the trigger.

Right now, the information is still a little bit foggy so I am 50/50. I will not be shock if a trade really happens because I am pretty sure Pingris is not one of the favorite players of the Star management after Ping's statements in the past.

And what if they find another team that is willing to partway with their star player to get the Pinoy Sakuragi? I am pretty sure they will do it.