November 10 News and Rumors Recap: Jalalon, NLEX and etc.

By Bigmatch
Nov. 10, 2016

Here is a very quick recap of recent news.

The Franchise: Gabe Norwood signs a two-year extension
As expected, Rain or Shine and Gabe settled for an extension and it is two years long. Gabe is already 31 years old and he relies heavily on his athleticism so talking again, two years from now is the right decision. 

The Driver: Star and Jalalon agreed to a three-years contract
The two camps reached a three-years, P7 Million contract. In a way, this is fascinating because his other Gilas mates were able to reach the P8 Million mark. Maybe, the agent of Jio is one of the worst in the country or maybe there are some agreements that they made that they don't want us to know. 

Seriously?: NLEX was forced to add Rob Reyes to the Guinto trade
Bradwyn Guinto is officially an NLEX Road Warriors after NLEX agreed to the inclusion of Rob Reyes to the deal. How come the Commissioner office asked for addition of a player in this trade when they let the other unfair trades passed? Kind of fishy. 

The reason behind: Chris Lutz is set to return 
What happened last season was, Lutz decided to go to U.S. to undergo rehabilitation of his hip injury which made him missed the entire Governors' Cup. He is now expected to return and battle for his spot in the team. 

So, we better close the Lutz trade rumors for now. Here was one of the statement of Team Manager Gee Abanilla to Fox Sports, “Kahit dito nuon, di siya pinapabayaan ng San Miguel, ginawa lahat ng best sa kanya pero unfortunately di siya gumagaling. Very rare nga kasi yung situation niya." WIth his injury concern, SMB could have let him go long time ago but they did not.