October 02 News and Rumors and Recap: Coach Yeng to Star and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 02, 2016

Let us have a quick recap of the recent news.

Proud: Coach Tim Cone praise Scottie Thompson

San Miguel just tied the series but that should not overshadow the performance of Earl Scottie Thompson in game 3. The Pearl finished 12 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Coach Tim said “I’m so proud of him, he came into this league, and that’s his first but it won’t be his last... To me it’s a surprise because he scored that much... He’s just a rookie and playing against a Finals MVP guy. He’s holding his own.”

I told you! Earl Scottie Thompson is no doubt the most unique player in the league right now. Prepare for more triple-doubles. 

Done Deal: Terrence Romeo signs a three year maximum

The doubts are over, Terrence is now under control by Globalport for three years in a maximum contract worth P420K. 

Terrence is only 24 years old and he has played for three seasons already. He is still younger than the top two candidates for the Rookie of the Year this conference, Troy Rosario and Chris Newsome. The future is bright for the Globalport franchise.

Seriously?: Coach Yeng Guiao to Star?
Factuality Meter - 40%

The chatters surrounding the Rain or Shine franchise is getting louder and louder. Financial issues is looking like a big culprit in retaining every expiring contracts that they have, including Coach Yeng. 

According to our #1 source, Star and Coach Yeng has some minor discussions already but we still don't have any clear evidence that it is real.

I will not be shock if this consummates because Rain or Shine's trouble looks really legit. And for Star Hotshots, isn't it a dumb move to retain coach Webb?