October 10 News and Rumors Recap: MVP Group, Castro and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 10, 2016

We have some interesting news to talk about. Let us get this going.

Volunteer: Sol Mercado revealed that he wished to guard Allen Durnham in game 2

It worked! Durnham only managed 22 points in 8/20 shooting against a player that is 4 inches shorter than him and maybe 30-40 pounds, lighter. He also deflected credit to his teammates. “I wouldn’t say I’m an import stopper. It takes a whole team to do that. They are imports for a reason. That guy’s the Best Import this conference for a reason so we try to collectively do it. I’m just the guy who stays in front, it’s definitely a team effort.”

That statement was totally true. Mercado did his best to be in front of Allen for the entire play and he accomplished that. With him on Allen, the two bigmen will be much prepared to wait inside to defend the rim against the drives of Allen. That is a perfect ploy against Durnham who doesn't sink his off-the-dribble jumper, that well. 

Monsters: Jayson Castro and Allen Durnham win the BPC and Best Import, respectively
From start to finish, the race was dominated by Castro and June Mar Fajardo. Castro was able to win in a very small margin. On the other hand, Allen Durnham was the favorite in the beginning of the semifinals and the voters agreed with him. The right guys win this conference. 

Loyalty: Jericho Cruz, Raymond Almazan and Jireh Ibanez re-sign with Rain or Shine
After the departure of Coach Yeng Guiao, Rain or Shine made sure that Jericho, Raymond and Jireh will not follow. Jericho and Raymond signed three-years deal while Ibanez' deal was not disclose.

Three down, seven more to go. Cruz and Almazan are still developing as players so their prime form has yet to come. So, this was an excellent signing by the team.  With this signing, can I conclude that Rain or Shine and Paul Lee are having trouble again with their new deal? 

Tickets anomaly?: MVP group is hoarding Finals tickets?
Factuality Meter - 50%

A lot of Ginebra fans has expressed their complains of a possible hoarding of tickets. Game 1 and game 2 were sold out very early but the crowd turnout did not reach the 20K mark. Some fans has put up evidences with what is happening. They are accusing MVP group of hoarding some tickets to limit the attendance of the Ginebra faithfuls. 

I am 50/50 with it because there is also the possibility that the ticket scalpers are the one behind the anomaly. But, if the MVP group really did it, it will not be that hard for them to do it because they own Araneta.