October 13 News and Rumors Recap: Castro to CBA and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 12, 2016

We have two big news to talk about today.

Import?: Jayson Castro admits talk with a CBA team

The Blur's contract with TNT Ka Tropa will end after this season so he has a clear path of taking his talent in another league and last Sunday, he has validated the news that he is in talk with a Chinese Basketball Association team. "I'm still communicating pero iyung proposal talaga about sa contract, wala pa." 

I have expressed in the past that I want him to take the offer because the positive outweighs the negative. Once he officially signs a contract, he will be the first ever Filipino import to a league outside ASEAN. For a competitor who has worked his butt off, that is a big pay-off. 

"Hindi ko na iniisip yung NBA or ano, basta ako gusto ko every conference nai-improve ako as a basketball player. Para sa akin naman, kung darating, darating.” I think he wants to try it and I am hopeful that it happens. I am already excited in finding a way to watch a a CBA game.

Guiao's effect: Rain or Shine is having trouble re-signing their players

After a quick new contract for Jireh Ibanez, Jericho Cruz and Raymond Almazan, the story is different for the other players. According to some articles, Belga, Quinahan, Norwood and Lee has extended their talks with their actions.

Beau was offered a maximum three years contract but he did not sign because the contract did not contain additional perks that he asked. JR has a bigger problem because Rain or Shine only offered him a one-year contract. According to the article, he wants two years which he really feels he deserved because of his performance this season.

Paul Lee is also offered a three-years maximum contract but his agent was not around so the contract was not signed. Norwood was offered the same contract but he still on U.S. so he was not able to sign.

With the way the players reacted with the departure of Coach Yeng Guiao, this could be a long negotiation for Rain or Shine. I was shocked to find out that Belga will still get a maximum contract after a below-par season. While JR is having trouble getting a two-years contract after his best season in a ROS uniform.

Age is a huge factor because JR is already 32 while Belga is still 29. If they cannot settle for a two-years deal with JR, I think several teams will put good offers on the table for a bigman that can defend and shoot from the outside.

On the other hand, Paul Lee and Gabe Norwood should really be re-signed and I think re-signing is still the best option for Lee and Norwood. With a new coach in town, the two may finally settle for 30+ minutes that they never experienced with Coach Yeng's style.