October 25 News and Rumors Recap:Coach Yeng and Paul Lee, Eric Menk-Ginebra and etc.

By Bigmatch
Oct. 25, 2016

As we wait the 2016 rookie draft, here is a rundown of the recent news.

Evolution: Terrence Romeo wants to improve his passing and defense

Romeo was awarded as the Scoring Champion for the second straight season and he express his willingness to evolve. “Magfo-focus ako sa assists, defense, at pag-lead sa mga teammates ko. Kailangan may isang tatayo para mag-lead sa team at gusto ko maging isa ako doon."

I am pretty sure a lot of the gunners of the Batang Pier smiled when they heard this one. One player that could be catapulted with an improving passing and playmaking by Romeo will be Stanley Pringle. I think he is one of the best mover without ball in the league. 

Please!: Ginebra fans wants Eric Menk to come home
In an interview with Inquirer, Menk revealed that a lot of Ginebra fans wanted him to comeback to Ginebra. 
“I’ve had unbelievable support through social media asking me to come back to Ginebra and I appreciate the fans’ support... Some of the best moments of my career, of my life, were wearing a Ginebra jersey.”

I think having a very old veteran will not hurt but two? That could bite them a little. Nevertheless, Major Pain can still play a few minutes and he can be a good mentor to their young bigs. 

No Secrets: Blackwater is going with Mac Belo 
The draft is created to help the weak teams and Blackwater will fully take advantage of that. In an interview with Philstar, owner Dioceldo Sy said, "w
e pick Belo from the Gilas draft."

Mac Belo is the best overall talent right now but I doubt if he has the highest ceiling. Nevertheless, he will fit with Blackwater right away and he could be the missing piece of a strong core that can make a noise next season. 

Balikan?: Yeng Guiao and Paul Lee will have a reunion soon?
Factuality Meter: 1%

In the PBA Press Corps awarding ceremony, Coach Yeng and Paul Lee tingles the imagination of the media with this statements. "
Nagka-hiwalay nga kami ng landas, but not for long" - Coach Yeng, "Sa PBA maliit lang naman yung mundo natin eh so kung mabibigyan ng chance why not di ba," - Lee. 

Don't worry Star fans, the two are just playing around with the media. Paul is just acquired and I don't think that the return for James Yap will be traded anytime soon.