Reacting to the New Gilas Draft Decision!

By Bigmatch
Oct. 27, 2016

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The PBA board made a mind-blowing decision about the Gilas Special Draft. The board decided that they will just decide the destination of each Gilas player. Mr. Robert Non assured the media that they studied this one and considered every possible way in doing it. 

So, let us make this clear. They did not determine any new draft order, instead they just discussed the destination of each player. So, how should we react about this?

Don't start trolling again in social media and calling out teams. This was a fair process. Why? Every team's representative was there! Yes! You are a fan of the team that got Ponso Gotladera? Don't you dare point to any other teams or executive, point to your own team and executive because he was there! He agreed with it. 

This was decided by the board. So, whatever the result was, we can say that, that is the fairest distribution that the league can come up with! So, at the end of the draft, you can give out your take if it was the right distribution or not but the fact will remain, it was a consensus decision.

You are making that decision, three days before the draft? Seriously? And if you think about it carefully, this distribution process is not really that better than the Gilas draft process. The draft order in the Gilas draft is determined by the result of the 2016 season. So, it was plain basketball that decided that. And now, you are saying that it is better that 12 people with UNPROVEN basketball knowledge will decide the fate of the 12 Gilas players? What the F...!

No matter what the result is, this is again an example of the incompetence of the league as a whole. And the fans have all the right to feel bad about it. And you know what the worst thing about this? The league is not planning to reveal the factors and the process that they use in the distribution. So, I will not really blame the fans if they smell fishy about this. 

So, PBA fans, you have all the right to troll the league, as a whole, because of this.