September 22 News and Rumors Recap: Rain or Shine, Fajardo and etc.

By Bigmatch
Sep. 22, 2016

Before the start of the playoffs, let us have another rundown of the recent news and rumors.

Just a Bonus: Fajardo insist that a third MVP is just a bonus

Here was the statement of Fajardo to the press when ask about the importance of an MVP award. “Sa akin naman kasi ang importante mag-champion ang team, buong team ang masaya. Pero kung mananalo ng MVP uli, bonus na yun, lalo na wala pa nakakagawa nun.”

You heard that right, nobody has accumulated three MVPs in consecutive seasons in the history of the league. In the past, there was a rumor that implied that The Kraken wanted to make that history. This season, his biggest competitors for the plum are Calvin Abueva and Jayson Castro.

A boost: Chris Ellis is reactivated
He was sidelined due to pulled groin muscle and missed seven games and now he is back to help Ginebra in the playoffs although he will not yet be available this Friday. In the four games that he played, he averaged 7.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 48.3% FG. 

Unlike the return of Greg, I don't see the return of Ellis as a bad thing to the chemistry of the team. With his athleticism and being a versatile player, Coach Tim can easily inject him to the line-up. One more thing, he can be the back-up to Thompson who doesn't play much of a big role on the offense but more of a defensive enforcer and a rebounder.

Learning process: Coach Jason Webb express his opinion about their season

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Coach Jason said this statement. 
“We’re going to reflect on it, give it a couple of days and from there, we’ll see what we can do to make the team better."

The first thing that I takeaway from that is, he still expect to be the coach of the team going forward. Which is the right way of thinking for a coach even though he received all the blame of this disastrous season.

Coach Jason, continued with this, “First conference was really a learning experience, getting used to it. The second conference I think… we let that one slipped, we really had a good chance of making the semifinals. 
This conference we let too many early games slipped. We started 1-4… and dumating si Joel (Wright). Nung dumating si Joel mas lumala pa (laughter)."

I have two takeaways from that. Reading between the lines, it seems like he did not adjust his scheme as the conference went by. Secondly, he was consistent in pointing the team as a whole and not individually, the Joel Wright was just a joke. I have a problem with that. We are talking about a team that has shown the ability of winning a grandslam but it seems like he treated them as a young squad still learning the ropes. 

Repainting: Rain or Shine management plan to make a lot of moves this offseason
Factuality Meter - 60%

A reliable mind has told me that the expiration of 11 contracts, including coach Yeng, was not just a coincidence. It was part of the plan of limiting the cost of maintaining the franchise because unlike the big corporations, they cannot afford to go all out.

According to the reliable mind, it will not be a total overhaul but they will make sure that they will not overdo it. Meaning, they will try to to deal the fairest contract possible and will make trades to get returns that will make their franchise more cost friendly.