September 25 News Recap: Coach Tim Cone, Coach Jhong Uichico and etc.

By Bigmatch
Sep. 25, 2016

Before the semifinals begin, let us recap the latest news first.

Agony of defeat: Coach Alex Compton summarize their season
There is no doubt that Alaska has the most heartbreaking season out of the twelve squads and the statements of Coach Alex truly shows that. “These guys work so hard every day that I make them do stuff that I don’t let you guys, see. It’s really hard and challenging. And they do it and step up to the challenge and they’ve built a resiliency throughout that. And I’m proud of that... It’s really like a fatherly feeling for your kids: I want them to experience a championship because they deserve it,” he added. “I just want them to get over the hump.”

Whether you like him or not, Coach Alex did his best in bringing a championship. He received a lot of criticisms for underplaying his stars but that is his coaching style so you just need to accept it. And he also deserves some credit for overachieving this season. They will end up as the second best team, record-wise.

“I’m proud to coach this group of guys and to work for this organization, but I’m hoping that the pain of this loss and a little bit of a break and rest will help us get better heading into the all-Filipino,” Coach Alex finished.

Heartbreaks can make or break players but the Aces has experienced that all throughout the last two years so expect a positive feedback from them. 

Shots fired: Coach Tim Cone believe SMB is the team to beat
Coach Tim made sure that he establish Ginebra as the underdog of the series. 
"My apologies to Talk N Text. They may have ended up as the No. 1 seed (but) I will said that right out front. But for me, still the team to beat is San Miguel. They got June Mar and they’ve got great weapons around them. And though (Elijah) Millsap came late, they know him very well.”

I agree and disagree with him, at the same time. I agree that in terms of roster, San Miguel is the strongest but with their current play, TNT is no doubt the better team. SMB has  the Kraken but for this Conference, The Blur 2.0 is more frightening and more impactful.

Agreed: Coach Jhong reacts to the statement of Coach Tim 
Coach Uichico goes to the high road with his answer to the statement of Coach Tim Cone. 
No offense taken because it's true Even if we beat Ginebra or even San Miguel, I still feel, SMB is the barometer for all teams. Everybody naman, I think, feels San Miguel is very strong.”

I was hoping Coach Jhong can make this more interesting but he raised the white flag right away. I am pretty sure he is more than happy to watch the two elite teams kill each other as they play the overachieving Bolts.

Still the face: Terrence Romeo and Globalport are finalizing his contract extension 
According to the general manager of Globalport Batang Pier, Terrence Romeo and Globalport Batang Pier are only tackling some small details of the contract. The contract is expected to be 3-years long and a maximum.

I love  this. I am hoping and praying that Terrence will stay as Batang Pier for the health and equilibrium of the league. Globalport will be dumb to trade him for anything other than a #1 pick, not this year, plus other players or picks or his fellow elites like Abueva and Fajardo.