SF Game 5: Ginebra VS San Miguel - Exclamation Point!

By Bigmatch
Oct. 03, 2016

This entertaining series will end with the right note as San Miguel's offensive firepower meets the meticulous Ginebra. 

The numbers above clearly shows the story of the series. SMB's offense has cracked the defense of Ginebra that they are forced to put more effort on the offensive end. SMB is controlling the rebounds and knocking the long bombs, as expected. On the other hand, Ginebra adjsuted by playing faster and looking for more leak out plays. Their 5.75 advantage in the assist department clearly shows that they have the better offensive flow.

Key Match-up: Elijah Millsap VS Justin Brownlee
Key Stats: Rebounds
Key Question: Will Coach Leo give his bench much minutes to impact the game?


I expect the imports to put pressure into themselves. There are big risk in taking shots away from the locals but if they can deliver, the benefit will exceed the cost. Rebounding is always the tide-changer in this series. Lastly, Coach Leo's fear of using more of his bench players has brought out extreme results. 

I am going with San Miguel here. I expect it to be a close fight all throughout the game but the advantage of SMB in terms of firepower will push them over the humps.