The Top 5 Early Cuts: Which teams should take a look on them?

By Bigmatch
Nov. 04, 2016

The arrival of the rookies and the trades has open the gates for the franchise to make their cuts. These five players are the best of the bunch. So, which team is their best fit? Let us see.

Mark Cruz - Rain or Shine 

Mark's Achilles heel is his size and their is no remedy for that. Nevertheless, the Ant Man is still young at 24 and he is really a good playmaker and shooter. Rain or Shine's coach Caloy Garcia was his former coach and maybe he could at least take a look at him and try him as their practice player. 

Josh Vanlandingham - Blackwater Elite

Josh is already 32 years old and until now he can only boast about his outside shooting. But in the modern basketball world, three-pointers is already proven as the most efficient offensive shot. The Elite doesn't have any three-point specialist so how about Josh?

Josh Urbiztondo - TNT Ka Tropa

Josh is one of the streakiest shooter in the league and he could be a good addition to TNT because they lack one. Also, TNT is, I think, the only team with only two real point guards in the active roster so Josh can sneak in. 

Jeric Teng - Phoenix Fuel Masters

I am not a fan of Teng but I truly believed that he was underused in Rain or Shine. I do understand that he lacks the physicality to play their style but he still deserves one more chance. He was seen in the Phoenix practice and I think it will be a fine fit. Even with Matthew Wright there, Phoenix is still searching for core players and maybe they can turn this other team's garbage into gold. 

Sam Eman - Mahindra Enforcers
He is already 34 years old but he is still a giant and Mahindra badly needs a bigman. Coach Gavina is the kind of coach that can bring out the grittiness and hunger in a player and maybe, he is the right fit for Eman.