Trade Analysis: Ginebra-Meralco

By Bigmatch
Nov. 01, 2016

Even though these two trades are still unofficial, the sources are quite confident that it will happen and we are just waiting for formalities. So, we will talk about these two trades.

Ginebra Receive two 2nd round picks
Meralco Receive Nico Salva

Salva has been a bench player for three seasons. Fortunately, he is still very young at 26 years old. Two 2nd round picks is just right for a young bench player like Salva.
Verdict: FAIR


Received Two 2nd round picks
Sent Nico Salva

The arrival of Kevin Ferrer and Jammer Jamito makes Salva dispensable. They did great in this trade especially if you remember Carlo Lastimosa exchanged for a 2nd round pick and an end of the bench player.
Grade: A

Received Nico Salva
Sent Two 2nd round picks

It is true that Salva has been riding the bench for three seasons but that doesn't mean that he already reached his ceiling. At 26 years old, he is actually younger by a month than Jamito. Coach Norman and Nico has a long history together and under coach Norman, Nico played very well in defense. He badly needs an outside shot if he wants to play important minutes in the Bolts. 

I think, he can still afford another year being an end of the bench guy but he will need to put the hard work to develop his game because this could be his last chance.
Grade: B