Trade Analysis: Mahindra-NLEX, Ginebra-Mahindra

By Bigmatch
Nov. 04, 2016

Mahindra continue to fill up their rosters by trading their bigmen. Let us take a look on their two recent trades.

Mahindra received Franklin Bonifacio and Denice Villamor
Ginebra received Paolo Taha

Coach Gavina gave Paolo Taha a starting spot in the wing and Paolo took advantage of it and played decently. Franklin Bonifacio and Denice Villamor are basically practice players but you need to remember that they are playing on a superloaded Ginebra. Mahindra got the right value for a player that played his first decent season. 
Verdict: FAIR

Received Franklin Bonifacio and Denice Villamor
Sent Paolo Taha

Again, Mahindra is on a financial turmoil so we need to add that to our analysis. Taha is a superb swift-army knife player but if one of Bonifacio and Villamor turnout to be 35% and above shooter from the outside with average defense, this is a very good deal for them. I believe, those are the kind of guys that the Floodbusters are looking for. The fact remains though that the risk is as high as the return for this deal.
Grade: B

Received Paolo Taha
Sent Frankin Bonifacio and Denice Villamor

Taha is the versatile player that coach Tim wants in his end of the bench. I don't expect him to play important minutes but exchanging two end-of-the-bench guy for an end-of-the-rotation guy is an excellent exchange. 
Grade: B

NLEX received Bradwyn Guinto and Chito Jaime
Mahindra received Jeckster Apinan and Reden Celda

Guinto showed enough last conference to put him in the level of a legit prospect. Chito Jaime is a proven scrapper and minutes-eater guy. So, trading those two for an already 29 years old and a point guard that is not even projected in the first round is so ridiculous. 
Verdict: UNFAIR

Received Bradwyn Guinto and Chito Jaime
Sent Jeckster Apinan and Reden Celda

Great return for two end of the bench guy. With coach Yeng there, Guinto could turn out to be one of the top 10 bigs in a few years.
Grade: A

Received Jeckster Apinan and Reden Celda
Sent Bradwyn Guinto and Chito Jaime

If Guinto's contract was only a year, I do believed Mahindra could have still managed to re-sign him. Now, don't tell me they really believed Apinan and Celda were the better two. No matter how you see it, Guinto and Jaime are more valuable. 
Grade: F