Trade Analysis: Rain or Shine - Mahindra, NLEX - Blackwater

By Bigmatch
Oct. 26, 2016

We have two trades to talk about. The first one is a small one but the other one is a game-changer.

Mahindra: Receive Josan Nimes
Rain or Shine: Receive 2018 2nd Round Pic

- This is a very trade. Rain or Shine is ultra loaded in the wings while Mahindra is still a young team who is still searching for his core pieces. 
Verdict: Fair

Team Grade
Mahindra Receive: Josan Nimes

I love this acquisition by the Enforcers. Josan is still young and he has proven himself to be a scorer and a solid creator. Maybe, Rain or Shine just never found a spot for him. Nimes will be added to the wing that includes Keith Agovida, Pedrito Galanza and Paolo Taha. I can confidently say that he is the best scorer of that bunch specially if KG doesn't return. 
Grade: A

Rain or Shine: Receive 2018 2nd Round Pick 
Excellent trade for Rain or Shine. Nimes is a good prospect but Trollano has solidify himself in the rotation. James Yap and Jeff Chan will handle a lot of the minutes in the wing next season. And Gabe is still there. 
Grade: B

NLEX: Receive Carlo Lastimosa
Blackwater: Receive James Forrester and 2016 2nd Round Pick

If this trade happened without any interference by the owners, Blackwater should better fire their general manager. This trade is ridiculous for them! A player who averaged 18.0 points, 3.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists for that small return? That made me mad. The good news is, as I am writing this piece, PBA has not given the go-signal. And I am really hoping that the management of the PBA will take a stand and say no to this one. 
Verdict: Unfair

Team Analysis

NLEX: Receive Carlo Lastimosa
NLEX received a pretty good return for an end of the bench player and for a "3rd" round pick. 
Grade: A

Receive James Forrester and 2016 2nd Round Pick
I recognize the fact that James has a lot of tools that could propel him to a better player but man, three teams has tried him for three seasons and he can only come up with 176 total minutes of play. And that 2016 2nd round pick is actually a 3rd round pick. This is a disgraceful trade.
Grade: F