Trade Analysis: SMB-MAH-STAR

By Bigmatch
Nov. 03, 2016

The Ramos-Mallari deal was revised and now sent to the Commissioner's Office for approval. It morphed into something, very interesting.

SMB received RR Garcia and Keith Agovida
STAR received Aldrech Ramos and future 2017 2nd round pick of MAH
MAH received Ryan Arana, Alex Mallari and 2018 1st round pick of SMB

With three teams, two future picks and four players involve, we need to take a deeper look. With this deal, Star unloaded RR and Mallari from their guard rotation. Value-wise though, Mallari and Garcia is too much for what they received. SMB got an RR Garcia for a bench player and a sure late 1st rounder. Mahindra got equal aggregate value for what they gave up. 

So in totality, SMB got the upper hand in this one and Star loss in this exchange. We are only analyzing the trade in terms of value and I can say that this was not a fair deal.
Verdict: UNFAIR

Received RR Garcia and Keith Agovida
Sent Ryan Arana and 2018 1st round pick

Even though you could agree that it will be hard for him to get important minutes with Chris Ross and Alex Cabagnot already there, exchanging Arana and a 1st round pick for RR Garcia is a no brainer. Alex played more off-the-ball last season so RR should received enough minutes to make an impact. And once the injury bug hit their backcourt and wing, RR will be there.
Grade: A

Received Aldrech Ramos and future 2017 2nd round pick of MAH
Sent Alex Mallari and RR Garcia

I think, this is an excellent deal by the Hotshots. They deducted two from their guard rotation and then added a stretch four that they don't have. Value wise though, they should have ask for at least one more 2nd round pick.
Grade: B

Ryan Arana, Alex Mallari and 2018 1st round pick of SMB
Sent Aldrech Ramos, Keith Agovida and 2017 2nd round pick 

First things first, Mahindra is doing a lot of deals because of one primary reason, they are on financial troubles. I added that to my consideration. With all their trades, Mahindra only has two legit bigman in Ballesteros and Escoto and then two who can play minutes in the PF with Eriobu and Yee. 

In short, this move doesn't make sense. Maybe, they are cutting a lot of the no names that they have in the last season. But with their moves, how do they plan to fill up their frontline? I am pretty sure it will be through free-agency and they could be getting good players there.

Value wise, they actually got a fair value. Mallari is the tallest guard in the league, Arana is a great slasher and that 2018 1st round pick could be a gem if the projected pool become reality. 

Grade: B