Trade Analysis: Star-Mahindra

By Bigmatch
Oct. 31, 2016

Another intriguing trade happens and the fans are again on their bashing mode. Do the fans have a point? Let us see.

Mahindra received Alex Mallari
Star received Aldrech Ramos

The fact that a bench player is traded for a starter doesn't make a trade imbalance. You need to take a deeper look. Alex Mallari has been the tallest guard in the league for years but he never posted impressive numbers. His FG% never found the 40% range in his four seasons. 

On the other hand, Aldrech has been consistent with his stretch capability. In his career, he is shooting 39.4% 3FG. That is an excellent mark for a power forward. And to sum it all, he posted the most impressive net rating last season at 17.5 points. What does that mean? Per 100 possession, his team outscored the opponent by 17.5 points. And mind you, he posted that with one of the worst club in the league.

Verdict: UNFAIR

Received Aldrech Ramos 
Sent Alex Mallari

They reduced their backcourt depth and added a stretch four that they do not have. That is the best trade that they can come up with. Excellent!
Grade: A

Received Alex Mallari
Sent Aldrech Ramos

I do believed that the Enforcers let go of KG Canaleta and traded Aldrech Ramos due to financial issues. Even though the trade is unfair, Mahindra actually got a very interesting piece in Mallari. In the draft, they refilled the forward position with their first three picks who are all capable of playing SF and PF. 

The addition of Alex Mallari to the backcourt of Mahindra will make a big difference. Alex is a very good finisher and very dangerous if he finds an open lane. That should be a good fit beside a great shooter in LA Revilla. Lastly, a very tall guard will be able to see the shooters around him much clearer.

In value alone, Mahindra is in the losing end but if you consider the fit, Mahindra could gain here.

Grade: C