Trade Analysis: TNT-GBP, MAH-BGSM

By Bigmatch
Nov. 17, 2016


Two minor trades happened recently. Let us check.

TNT received 2019 2nd round pick
GBP received Aaron Aban

Just a fine trade, value wise. Aban has proven himself to be a pretty good player overall and can help Batang Pier in their practices and for some mentorship. 
Verdict: FAIR

Received 2019 2nd round pick
Sent Aaron Aban

TNT continued their trimming of their pretty loaded wing depth. Levi Hernandez and Roger Pogoy basically replaced Ababou and Aban and that is not the worst roster move to make. 
Grade: B

Received Aaron Aban
Sent 2019 2nd round pick

It is true that depth is important but Batang Pier has overdone it. Even with Pringle, Canaleta, Semerad, Dehesa, Pessumal and Guevarra in their wing rotation, Aban will still have the place but, they could have gotten a good piece in the free-agency and without paying a 2nd round pick.
Grade: D

BGSM received future 2nd round pick
MAH received Nico Salva

Salva is still just 26 years old and if he entered this year's draft, he will just be a 2nd rounder. 
Verdict: FAIR

Received Nico Salva
Sent future 2nd round pick

I like it for the Enforcers because they got a player who can play several minutes in the 4 position and went under the tutelage of coach Tim Cone. That should be more than the worth of that 2nd rounder as long as it is not for next year;s draft. 
Grade: B

Received future 2nd round pick
Sent Nico Salva

Even coach Tim Cone recognize that the position that Nico plays is already loaded so saving a 2nd round pick for him is nice.
Grade: B