What You May Not Know About Sports

By Adler Moris
Jul. 25, 2020

Many surprising and mouth-watering facts about sports will make you fall in love with the activity. From the fact that the most popular basketball star Michael Jordan getting paid more money from Nike Inc. yearly than all of Malaysia’s combination of Nike Factory workers.

From football being the most-watched and played sports in the world tells a lot about how important sports are for humanity and also for elevating livelihoods. Sports have also created side related jobs such as sports merchandise sales, brought customers in bars so that fans can get a time involved with their favorite sports celebrating with other fans. Let’s dive in:

· Football / Soccer

Hands down, football is the most successful and popular sport in the world. It has inspired youth all over the continent by creating income for amateur and professional players since you need very few things to get a game of football started. Popular Ivory Coast Striker Didier Drogba was seen as a peace ambassador when he challenged his country’s President named Gbagbo to end a civil war.

Football clubs make money by selling kits, merchandise, and stadium tickets. Bigger clubs make money by way of broadcasting rights. What about you? Making money while having fun in an online game is a lucrative way of making money during this pandemic crisis. Other ways clubs make money are by sponsorships, player transfer sales, and when they are in a club or international competitions.

· Rugby

This sport is known as a rough and tough sport for good reason. The tenacity and aggression showcased by the players involved are out of this world. Participating in rugby as a sport boosts upper body strength, throwing and tackling needs strong arms, and muscular strength required for this high contact sport. It develops the leg muscles because running and battling in scrums need powerful leg muscles. With highly powerful and skilled players, there is also a need to make money.

Similar to other sports they make money by sponsorships, tournaments, and prize money. you can be part of this venture. Rugby has some incredible moments. For example, John Kirwan from New Zealand is fondly remembered in the 1987 Rugby World Cup as he helps New Zealand to trample over Italy with a convincing 70-6 win. His pace and agility helped him skim through the Italian team with ease.


Sports have transformed people’s health, livelihoods, and unified people from all walks of life by stopping wars. With the emergence of people participating in sports, it has improved people’s upper body strength, made powerful arms and leg muscles stronger than is the case with rugby. Sports have also made people discover new sources of income like never imagined before like selling merchandise, drinking pubs selling alcoholic beverages in mass during sports competitions, encouraged online gaming, betting, and live casino platforms to thrive during the pandemic period. In short, sports have been used to transform and empower lives.