Looking At The New York Knicks Starting 5 For The 2016-17 NBA Season

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Oct. 24, 2016

Derrick Rose will start at the PG position this year for the New York Knicks.

Derrick Rose did not shoot the 3-ball that well last year, only shooting 29.3%. Rose though did show signs of his vintage MVP self last year, driving down the court drawing fouls. Rose averaged a 'solid' 16.4 points per contest along with 4.7 assists per contest last year. Rose just got cleared with a civil lawsuit against him for a sex rape case, in which was a joke if you ask me. I'm just glad that D-Rose was cleared because D-Rose is truly a great guy, who does not need a distraction. Anyway Rose only played one preseason game this year due to the case, but should be okay Tuesday for their season opening game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Also, the Knicks were 26th in the league for assists last season which is crazy to think of, so Rose will help the Knicks rise back up in the assists column. Rose probably will do better than last season, where hopefully he won't have to deal with injuries this season. In that one preseason game, Rose scored 16 points so Rose looks great for the season. Rose will have a breakout season. 

Courtney Lee will be the starting Shooting Guard this year for the New York Knicks.

Courtney Lee is a player who can help D-Rose in the backcourt for sure. Last season Lee shot for 45% which is decent for a shooting guard, not to mention that he shot the 3-ball for 38%. Lee also has a pretty solid free throw shooting percentage of 84%. The Knicks last year were actually first in the league for free throw percentage, in fact the should stay within the top three teams in the league with Lee. The Knicks found themselves 20th in the league last year for three point percentage, with Lee - the Knicks should move up the column a little bit. Lee will probably average around 12 ppg this season. 

Carmelo Anthony will return to the Knicks this season, playing at Small Forward.

Carmelo Anthony will once again play for the Knicks this season. Anthony kind of struggled last year, only averaging 21.8 ppg which is his third lowest scoring season. Anthony only shot 34% from downtown last year which was very frustrating for him. 'Melo' did shoot 43% from the field which is okay for a small forward. With Joakim Noah coming to Knicks, Melo should do better yet. Noah is the best center for passing in the league, I don't care what you say! Noah will find Melo constantly which means more points for Melo and more points for the Knicks this season. Melo will average around 26 ppg this year as long as he can stay healthy this season. However Melo does this season, it will tell us how the Knicks do this season in my opinion. 

Kristaps Porzingis will return with the Knicks for his sophomore season playing at the Power Forward position.

Kristaps Porzingis will play his sophomore season this year. Kristaps averaged 14 points per contest last season along with 7 boards. Kristaps must play a little better than last year for the Knicks to be great and hopefully make the playoffs for the first time since the 2012-13 season. Kristaps shot 42.1% from the field and even shot the 3-ball for 33%. For a big man to shoot the three ball so well, you know that that player will be successful. Look at guys like Pau Gasol and Chris Bosh who are obviously big guys and can shoot the 3 ball well and shoot from mid-range very well. Kristaps will average around 18 points per contest this year. He could possibly be in the MVP rankings even this season. He will have a breakout year and the Knicks will simply but surely enjoy it. 

Joakim Noah will play at the Center position for his new team, the Knicks this season.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Joakim Noah in New York! It is really amazing to see Noah playing for his 'true' hometown team. The Knicks last season really struggled defensively with Robin Lopez and Aaron Afflalo. Noah will do great things alongside his Bulls' (former team) teammate, Derrick Rose this season, especially defensively. Rose is a solid defender and we know that Noah is a terrific defender. Noah will add more defense to this Knicks team. The Knicks were actually 9th in blocks last season, which is a shocker to me, but with Noah - the Knicks will be stronger yet in the blocks category. Noah will average 13 points per contest along with 13 rebounds per contest. This will be Noah's best year EVER as long as he can stay healthy. Noah will also have a breakout season. 

This Knicks team will do great things this season and all Knicks fans should be ready for a NBA Finals championship!