Reviewing Joakim Noah's First Pre-Season Game With Knicks

By None None
Oct. 16, 2016

Joakim Noah made his Knicks debut Saturday night losing to the Celtics. 

Despite losing to the Celtics, Noah played really solid basketball. Noah got to start and saw the ball a lot that's night. Noah only played an okay 19 minutes (since it's pre-season) and scored 5 points with 5 boards. Noah also had 2 steals as well. We seen Noah's classic energy and lesson defense which shown us that he can still 'ball'. 

It's too early to say but I think Noah will have a terrific season. Noah will get more playing time and will probably get to actually touch the ball this season unlike last season with the Bulls.

The Knicks have faith in Noah, unlike the Bulls did and that's the reason why Noah left. Noah could have his best season ever this year too!